6 Suggestions for Giving Tuesday


I know, I’ve been absent for a while…longer than I want to consider

colorful costume monster mask
Melting down around 5 pm every day!

It’s been a tough run with Yervoy for the clinical trial I’m on. For whatever reason, my energy levels, which are not good, are less than non-existent. I’m putting up a great front though feel like the melting witch on the inside!

Immunotherapy would make me believe I have a super immune system, charging those T-cells to the infinite degree. I guess not because I’m coming down with a cold. Totally was hoping I was invincible, but hey, it’s good to know I’m still human even with all these chemicals racing to catch and kill cancer cells.

Upcycling Life

Enough of that. I’ve always been big on giving back, paying forward, or upcycling life. There, does that cover all the current lingo?!!!! Caring about others needs to be part of our lives every day. Kindness rules and with the crazy, scary world we live in, I truly believe that our goodness and love can win out. So do it every day, every way.

thank you heart text
Doing good for others brings joy to our lives.

Today is Giving Tuesday. Being the draggy person I am, I’m thinking about my donation giving for the holidays but might not get to it today. That’s okay. If you are able, do it! I actually give to two groups for our Moms; you see our Moms don’t need a lot and are incredibly hard to shop for anyway. THE Moms love donations that we make to either Camp Sunshine or the Children’s Literacy Foundation. Vicariously, they too, are paying it forward.

I’ve created a small list of organizations that are near and dear to me. I have connections with each of them so feel free to ask me about them if you want to hear from a person on what they do. I love your comments! I share this with you as I’m not working much these days and hope that you might just find one that works for you. My favs include:

  1. Camp Sunshine -an amazing retreat for families with terminally ill children offering smiles and love
  2. Children’s Literacy Foundation -an amazing literacy foundation that encourages the love of reading with children
  3. Dana Farber Cancer Institute -a world class medical facility that also cares for children with cancer
  4. Hope Lodge, Burlington, VT -one of many Hope Lodge housing options around the U.S. for cancer patients
  5. Hospitality Homes -a Boston-based program that offers housing to those requiring medical treatment
  6. Your local library -what a great way to keep on giving when you donate to your library and ask that it be used for books…it keeps on giving!

And please do ask about my connection with each of these worthy organizations!

Giving Life, An Attitude of Gratitude

If you are thinking about donating money or time somewhere, hooray to you! Money may seem a cold, callous gift but it’s not when you consider how costly medical situations can be. Cancer patients hold their heads high, but whoa, the financial strain is tough! Let me know of your favorite places to volunteer or donate money. Positive begets positive in this life! Inspiration comes in giving!


We all do what we can. If your Giving Tuesday is as simple as opening a door, calling a friend, or smiling as you walk past a stranger, it’s all important to making this world a better place. And then make it a Giving Week which leads to a Giving Month which leads to a Giving Life. #melanoma #cancer #GivingTuesday #melanomatheskin #GivingLife #Wecancervive #volunteer #upcycling #LoveTrumpsHate

We can-cer vive!


Author: melanomatheskinwerein

Writer, librarian, humanatarian, and survivalist, melanoma has provided me with the gift of knowing that each day, each moment matters. Family is so important as is the ocean, both course through my veins and are in my heart! Well, that and the immunotherapy drug that's kicking my butt! Let's work through this and infuse hope and education into our lives.

12 thoughts on “6 Suggestions for Giving Tuesday”

  1. Enjoying your blog and learning so much more about your disease and how bravely and honestly you are dealing with it. I gave to my local library today and as soon as I can get out of the driveway I will be donating to HOPE. Take care my friend, stay strong and keep sharing.

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    1. Are you up North? I thought you had headed South. Thanks for following along…I’m thrilled about your library giving and think it is such a great gift to give! I’m going to suggest to my daughter that she buy our library card in future years…we have a small town library but I love being part of the bigger scene…more books! Thanks for your encouragement….it’s been a tough run lately! xo

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  2. You are always so ,on the spot.thanks and I love your recommendations for giving I seem to have collected and find it difficult to cut back . Trying to stay awake for a while so not up at 4 long days😀

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  3. So many hugs to you Janis! I am always so grateful for your posts!
    This year tommy and I are donating to Jens friends (they helped us out so much during my treatments, and allowed us to breathe knowing they would help take care of us if we needed it), the Vaughn community center, and Neighbor to Neighbor Program.
    I would much rather see Christmas become a time of giving to organizations than to the materialistic society we have become. But I can’t seem to figure out how to approach this idea even with my own family let alone society 😉
    Tell me more about your connection with camp sunshine. I’ve often thought of volunteering for them. My first triathlon raised money for them.
    Have a good day and many hugs

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    1. We love Jen’s Friends, too and what a personal thing that has become for you. xo. I agree with the material thing at Christmas but have yet to figure it out. I make something for all the kids and of course, give a book! Camp Sunshine is a family favorite for Dave’s crew. His Dad was one of the original board members and continued to volunteer there right up until he passed. They even named a building after him! They do most of what they do with volunteers and would love to have you be part of things. The kids have terminal illnesses but the program is amazing from fun camp stuff, to family counseling, to lots of hugs and smiles. I think you would be an awesome fit with this amazing program….ask me more if you want! xo

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